• Miami Car alarms have become increasingly sophisticated in warding off potential thieves. Learn about car alarms and about different car alarm systems.

The Role of Car Alarms

Car Alarms Do Work! Car alarms have an important role as a warning sign of the dangers associated with cars. The owner shall install a car like a for the safety of the action of thieves or other hazards. Here are some important points in the car alarm function. The first function is a warning sign for thieves who want to steal a car. Usually, the action of the car thieves will lead to [...]

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The Best Car Alarm of 2017 is Not like your Father’s Car Alarm!

The Best Car Alarm of 2017 For as long as I can remember, the first thing everyone I know did when they got a new car was get it tinted and have an alarm installed. For a long time, this seemed like the cool thing to do. Today most cars come with some UV protection and many luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz come factory tinted and with transponder keys that have built-in keyless function making the need [...]