Car Alarm Repair Near Me

Over the years the number of people reaching our website looking for alarm for cars has been up and down. This is due in part to the economic landscape as well as other outside influences. Everyone knows that when the economy is not doing too good, as it did during the Obama years, crime tends to spike. With that said as of late, we have seen a new trend, and that is people looking for car alarm repair near me! We can only guess that this is directly correlated to the quality of products vehicle owners are choosing in the first place. As a leading provider of auto alarm systems in the South Florida area, we don’t see a lot of the systems we install come back or in need of repairs and or warranty service.

At Car-Alarm-Miami.Com, our goals are to provide you with a car alarm system that protects not only your vehicle but also one that suits your budget and the level of security your particular vehicle requires. A 1987 Toyota Tercel does not have the same security requirement as the latest top of the line GMC Denali. We also tend to focus on the top leading products that the aftermarket automotive security market place has to offer, that being Viper, Clifford, and Avital. Yes, there are lots of auto security systems out there just like there are many car alarm Miami places. But somehow we are always busy while other places are not! That is because our customers know that when they get their car alarm installed with us, they can enjoy years of trouble-free operation. That is is due to two major factors. The first is the quality of the installation. The second is the products, and the brands we choose to sell! I say choose because anybody can sell a cheap alarm system! Unlike many of the top brands like Viper and or Clifford, you don’t need to be a factory trained tech to be a dealer or should we say to sell Prestige, Auto-Page, or Excalibur security products. I think that is the tendency Miami car alarm stores that are not very busy. They think that by offering a lower-cost unit, they can attract more customers. We all know that is not the case. Cheap car alarm systems have a history of failures and leaving people stranded. For that reason alone, you should avoid them. Don’t forget that you’re not getting a deal you are just getting less!

Car Alarm Repairs

There are not a lot of things that can go wrong with a car alarm system. In the majority of cases, the systems consist of six components. The brain, the sensor (shock or perimeter), the siren, a valet switch, and two remotes. Let go over what they do:

The alarm brain – This is the actual alarm itself. It is responsible for turning the alarm on and off, listen to its sensors, make the alarm siren sound and disable the vehicle in the event of an intrusion. We can’t think of a case when the alarm brain would not be cover under warranty unless an unauthorized dealer installed the system and or it was not registered with the manufacturer. This unit very rarely goes bad. Two things that are known for causing issues are bad alternators and or jump-starting the vehicle. Whenever faced with this situation, you should either remove the main fuse to the alarm or put it on valet mode. The second is high-performance engines with high-torque starters. Whether the system has an onboard relay like the Cliffords or an external one like the Vipers, the majority of these relays are rated at around 30 AMPS of current, and that may not be enough to turn a high-torque starter. If the system is a new install, you should advise the installer so that he can take preventative measures. If the system is already existing, you should visit a local authorized dealer and have them upgrade the starter kill relay.

The sensors – Although there are many types of sensors available by aftermarket auto security suppliers, the single or dual-stage shock sensor is predominant. Unlike in the early 90s, when these used to be mechanical devices, today they are 100% electronic and in many cases digital! Shock sensors are known for being pretty reliable, and unless they get wet, there are not many things that can go wrong with them. However, we have seen some failures in vehicles that are exposed to the saltwater environment, such as the Florida keys. The same goes for perimeter sensor, very popular with convertibles, and glass sensor which use a microphone to listen for glass breakage.

The Valet Switch – Just like any other switch in your vehicle, the valet switch life is going to be dictated by how much used they get. Because they are normally very small, they don’t hold up to abuse. However, more often than not, their placement has more to do with the failure than anything else. Make sure you valet switch is put somewhere that is accessible but also out of the way so that you don’t kick it by accident when entering or exiting the vehicle.

The siren – There was a time back in the 90s when sirens used to fail quite often. That does not seem to be the case anymore. Not the brands of sirens we use anyways! Car alarm sirens are normally installed under the hood of the vehicle, and just like everything else under the hood, they are sensitive to water and heat. The installation of the siren should be a place that is not easy to get to so that it is not easily disabled. Probably the place is the front grill, but it can be time-consuming, and many installers avoid it. This location also makes them subject to damage in the case of a frontal collision and a substantially wetter environment that may result in premature failure. Nevertheless, car alarm sirens are not very expensive, and yes, they may require replacement during the lifetime of the system.

The Remotes – The car alarm remotes are probably the only thing not covered under warranty. They are also the once subject to the most abuse and wear and tear from daily usage. The number one cause of car alarm remotes failures is water! Rarely are they sealed, and even when they are it is hard to find places where water can’t get into. That is particularly true in the south Florida area and especially true for boaters. With that said, today’s car alarm remotes are miles ahead when compare to those in the past. And, yes, some of the entry systems still have very basic units, but overall, they are very reliable, and like the keyless entry remotes of many new vehicles they should give you years of service.

If your car alarm is giving you trouble, we invite you to stop by our shop or call us at (786) 558-8848! We can service just about any brands under the planet and are authorized dealers for many of the leading brands.