In order to understand how to protect your car from thieves, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the different types of car alarm systems, and how they work.

Viper Car Alarm Miami

Viper Car Alarm Miami Anyone looking to protect their car, truck, SUV, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, PWCs, and snowmobiles should consider a Viper car alarm system. The name “Viper” has become synonyms with an alarm system for cars, but they are also a leading provider of Viper motorcycle alarms. The Viper Car Alarm systems are manufactured by DEI (Directed Electronics) the world’s authority in not only in  Auto Alarm Systems but also remote start system, car window film, and an entire array of accessories to enhance the security level of your vehicle. As with any leading manufacturer [...]

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Car Alarm Company Near Me

Car Alarm Company Near Me In previous blogs, we discussed why you should consider having an aftermarket car alarm system in your vehicle. At the end of the day, I think it boils down to your personal tolerance for crime and affairs surrounding your vehicle. If you are one of those people, who washes their vehicle once every six months, then I can see why if someone was breaking in or stealing your vehicle may not bother you or affect you as it does other people. Having the best alarm car system is important to me for [...]

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Car Alarm Repair Near Me

Car Alarm Repair Near Me Over the years the number of people reaching our website looking for alarm for cars has been up and down. This is due in part to the economic landscape as well as other outside influences. Everyone knows that when the economy is not doing too good, as it did during the Obama years, crime tends to spike. With that said as of late, we have seen a new trend, and that is people looking for car alarm repair near me! We can only guess that this is directly correlated to the [...]

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Choosing the Best Aftermarket Car Alarm System

Choosing the Best Aftermarket Car Alarm System Car alarms and auto security, in general, is often the subject of negative news articles and in some cases, the theme for a joke. That is because for years, car alarms have been criticized for false alarms, failures, and in some cases inflicting damage to the electrical system of vehicles. To this all we have to say is you get what you pay for and not a cent more! In fact, after being in the business for over three decades, I can tell you that 98% of all car alarm [...]

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Importance of Car Alarms and Car Security

Importance of Car Alarms and Car Security Car alarms have an important role as a warning sign of the dangers associated with cars. The owner shall install a car like a car alarm for the safety of the action of thieves or other hazards. Here are some important points in the car alarm function. The first function is a warning sign for thieves who want to steal a car. Usually, the action of the car thieves will lead to action to open the car door. But if the car owner to install an alarm in the [...]

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The Best Car Alarm is Not like your Father’s Car Alarm!

The Best Car Alarm System For as long as I can remember, the first thing everyone I know did when they got a new car was get it tinted and have an alarm installed. For a long time, this seemed like the cool thing to do. Today most cars come with some UV protection and many luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz come factory tinted and with transponder keys that have built-in keyless function making the need for window tinting and car alarms something of the past. Personally, I never cared for Car Alarms. I found them [...]

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