Subwoofer Sale!

Subwoofer Sale! Put up an ad on Facebook about a subwoofer sale in Miami and masses of interested parties will either call and or show up asking about, how much bass do these put out, how many DBs, will I need a bigger AMP? Honestly, I have no idea why are subwoofer, especially car subs, are such a hot topic of conversation within the Miami car stereo community. But nevertheless, I have decided to state some fact and hope that this makes your car subwoofer shopping experience a little less stressful and a little more fruitful! [...]

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Car Stereo Speakers

Car Stereo Speakers If you keep your car long enough, especially under the South Florida sun, you are going to need new car stereo speakers. Some cars are more susceptible to requiring early replacement more than others. Although, ear nowadays, throughout the 80s and 90s, many vehicles had dash speakers that did not fare very well under the intense Florida sun. In comparison to other vehicles of the era, many GM products ranging from the Buick Regal to the Chevy Silverado need their dash speakers replaced more often than others. In the majority of cases not because [...]

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Headrest Monitor Install

Headrest Monitor Install If you are anything like me, you hate spending money on things that you don’t use or need. However, sometimes to get what we want to end up having got a bundle out of which we’ll eventually use less than 50%. In general, bundles are a way for manufacturers and companies with crappy services to get rid of the stuff they don’t want or can’t sell. The best example I can think of is internet and TV bundles where you can get internet service for like $30 when you sign up for TV. This [...]

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Replacement Car Stereo

Replacement Car Stereo Are you looking to replace your car stereo? Like many of the mechanical and electrical components in your vehicle soon or later your radio, your speakers, and or your amp is going to fail. In many cases, this happens because of abuse. It’s not only teenagers who turn the volume control nob as far as it can go when our favorite song comes on the radio. While today’s car audio systems are far more superior to those made in years past they still a far cry from their aftermarket counterparts. And just like [...]

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Best speaker choice for your Chevy or GMC Truck!

Best speaker choice for your Chevy or GMC Truck! In recent times Alpine raised the roof as far as custom aftermarket car stereo is concerned, with the unveiling of the Alpine X009-GM. The 9-inch in-dash navigation system was purposely designed for the 2014 and up Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and the GMC Sierra. This radio does not only replace and substantially upgrades the factory unit but offers features not available in any vehicle trim as far as the Chevrolet server auto and the GMC Sierra is concerned. With that said, Alpine has now announced a new custom [...]

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