Headrest Monitor Install

If you are anything like me, you hate spending money on things that you don’t use or need. However, sometimes to get what we want to end up having got a bundle out of which we’ll eventually use less than 50%. In general, bundles are a way for manufacturers and companies with crappy services to get rid of the stuff they don’t want or can’t sell. The best example I can think of is internet and TV bundles where you can get internet service for like $30 when you sign up for TV. This would not be much of an issue if we got to choose what channels we wanted! After all, we all watch TV! However, this is not the case. Very few of the channels you like or want are in the package the rest is crap like fake news CNN, something I would not want my kids to see like MTV, and so on. The same thing happens when purchasing a new vehicle. We often end up paying a lot extra for trims with like all-wheel drive and other mechanical extras to get the right leather interior or color choice.

Although many of these options are available as aftermarket accessories, not many consumers trust car stereo installation stores like Best Buy. Taking apart a seventy or eighty thousand dollar vehicle requires experience and the right tools. That is especially true when it comes to things like headrest monitor installations and other car accessories. At Car-Alarm-Miami.Com, we have no issue cutting and or modifying any type of headrest, simply because our custom upholstery department more often than not produces work that rivals many OEMs.

Headrest monitors are a perfect upgrade if you have kids and you travel or commute a lot. They come in a variety of sizes as well as options. In larger vehicles with plenty of headroom clearance, you also have the option of mounting a larger screen on the roof. Along with screen size, you also have an array of option for input and video source.

Headrest Monitor Video Sources

Off-Air Antenna – In general, an off-air antenna is always a good thing to have! It can be used to monitor local news broadcast in the event of a storm. You watch the pregame show as you tailgate at a UM or Dolphin’s game. But overall, antennas don’t work very well as you are trevelling at sixty, seventy miles per hour down the road even within the city. While your FM radio starts to get sketchy as you thirty to forty miles away from the station, it only takes half that distance for your TV signal to start acting up.

DVD or BluRay – The future of BluRay is questionable because streaming services are killing it! Samsung, the inventor of BluRay, is discontinuing its Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray player lines. However, the number of DVDs and BluRay media not only available but also coming to market still quite strong. You can latterly walk into any Publix and find a RedBox rental dispenser. Why this type of media? Well, for one, you don’t need an internet connection, you can watch it at your leisure, and regardless of where you are at or how fast you are going, you will always have a good picture!

Satellite – DirectTV – Sadly, Dish Network has not developed a satellite antenna for cars and SUVs, although they do have one for RVs (the TRAV’LER SK-1000). That means that DirectTV is the only valid national provider. I am not a fan of DirectTV and even less now that AT&T owns them. Primarily because of the picture quality. They tend to compress the signal quite a bit, making it look vector like where you lose resolution or definition in color gradients. It’s highly unlikely you will be able to see these defects on a small headrest monitor or even a roof-mounted one.  In fact, unless you have a 9000 Series Samsung 4K LED it is very unlikely you be able to see what I am talking about! However, if you want ESPN, FS1, as well as many of the nationally syndicated radio show on the go the DirectTV satellite system for cars is ideal for you. To my surprise, the system works very well and tracks very well. I have driven all over the US and up to ninety miles per hours without any picture noise or loss of signal.

Install Headrest Monitors Yourself

We are not going to sit here and tell you that it is extremely difficult to do a really good headrest monitor install that rivals OEM look and feel! However, we are going to warn you that it is a very labor-intensive job that often takes up to 8 hours of shop time.

That is at a shop with experience and all the right tools! Oh, yes, tools! You are going to need access to an array of tools to remove the seats, take the dash apart, remove the radio, etc. It is also important to point out that there are off the shelf headrest monitors that come completely assembled. When you use this type of units, there is no need to cut the factory headrest. You simply remove the factory ones and replacement with the aftermarket units. With that said, know that these units are usually only available in vinyl or leather and may look a little off on vehicles with fabric interiors. Also, know that we have seen quite a bit of deviation in color. If the vehicle does not have tinted windows, it is more than likely the headrest color is going to be darker since leather and or vinyl interiors seem to fade in as little as 6-month sunder the Florida sun.