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HID & Car LED Lights in Miami

Looking for HID or LED light bulbs or conversion kits? We have them! Every once in a while, a fad seems to take over the automotive industry, and its car-crazed follower. In the 70s it was fuzzy dices, In the 80’s undercarriage neon lights, in The 90s it was Ford pissing on Chevy and Chevy pissing on everyone else vinyl decal on the back windows. As of late, it has been HID light and LED headlights. Made famous by high vehicles such as Mercedes Bens, Audio and even some high-end American models from Cadillac and Lincoln. However, HID and LED Lights are not really a fad but more of safety issues. No one can dispute that HID lights are not only brighter and shine further down the road further. Furthermore, with a life span of thirty to forty thousand hours LED have revolutionized everything we own from our smartphone to out TVs and computer monitors.

At we offer a variety of HID and LED solution for your car, truck, motorcycle and or boat. Unlike those cheap led light kit you can get from eBay, we have all the computers interphases and harness require to making your HID or LED conversion a true upgrade and not a drag! Here are some of the most popular application available:

Miami HID Lights – HID Lighting Installation in Miami and Broward

HID Conversion Kits

Unlike LED HID is a high voltage system that requires the installation of a ballast per head light. This may sound complicated but it truly not. While HID headlights have diminished in popularity since the introduction of their LED counterpart, they are still quite popular for those who like the open road.

LED Headlight Bulbs | LED Car Light Bulbs | Super Bright LEDs in Miami, Fl

LED  Conversion Kits

LED Headlights are a great upgrade to any car. Although LED headlights are brighter and last longer, they are only available as either a very expensive option and or not at all on many popular car models. Not to worry we have direct bolt-on LED Conversion kits for just about any vehicle on the market today!

Miami Car Led Lights in Miami, Florida with Reviews & Ratings

Interior & Exterior LED Lights

LED light bulbs are now available to a wide range of 12-volt application that includes turn signal, brake lights, interior and dash lights. LED interior lighting are also available for custom application such as competition show cars. If your bulb is out why not replace it with one that will last 1000 times longer.

Marine LED Lights, LED Lights, and Lighting for Boats Trucks & Yachts in Miami

LED Light for Marine Application

As a South Florida company you didn’t think we were going to leave yo boat guys out, did you? At we have a wide range of solution for marine led lighting. LEDs are perfect for marine application because they are shock proof, waterproof, use the extremely small amount of current.