Protect your bike with a Motorcycle Alarm Miami at Car-Alarm-Miami.Com choose from top brands like Viper, Clifford, AutoPage and other top motorcycle security systems.

Motorcycle Alarm Miami

When you talk to anyone about what type of vehicle security they have, the tendency is to automatically focus on their car, truck, RV and even boat. However, with the ever-increasing cost of motorcycles protecting it is something that should be taken into consideration. In a recent conversation with a Miami Lakes insurance agent at the SENA Group we discovered the motorcycles thieves are not only in the rise but quite common.

Weighing in at between 500 and 1000 pounds motorcycles are not what one would consider light! Nevertheless, the most common way motorcycles are stolen is by getting lifted into the bed of an awaiting pickup truck. The second most common way is getting rolled up a ramp to a truck or trailer. However, this last can be made substantially more difficult by locking the steering all the way to the right or left.

Despite the data, motorcycle alarms in Miami are not as common as you may think. Even though there are a substantial number of bikes in the South Florida area. Protecting you priced motorcycle is not expensive and the substantial discount your insurance carrier is willing to give you, year over year, more than pays for the upfront cost.

Motorcycle Alarm Options

At Car-Alarm-Miami.Com we offer several cost effective solutions afforded to us by Directed Electronics (DEI), under the brands Clifford and Viper. Both of these systems offer shock and tilt options to safeguard against tampering. Another option we often recommend is backup power. Motorcycles, in particular, are very sensitive to getting the power disable by thieves. In many occasions the battery is readily available via one of the side panels and more often than not, no tools are requiring accessing it! A backup power siren or backup battery is always a sound investment! For more information on all the option, you have when it comes to buying a motorcycle alarm along with the benefits of the best tilt sensor in the world give us a call today! When it comes to getting the best motorcycle alarm to protect your investment we have you cover.