We Have MOVED!

Please know that as of September 01, 2019 we’ll be operating out of a new address! 2344 West 77st Street Bay-2 Hialeah, FL 33016 – If you have any question, please feel free to call at (786) 251-7611. Nothing has changed. It is still the same team we are just moving to a larger facility!

Auto Alarm Specialist

Our Miami car alarm specialist will help you chose the right automotive security system for your car and your budget. With all the car alarm brands in the market, today is difficult to figure out which one is best. At car-alarm-miami.com we carry nothing but the top brands like Clifford, Viper, Avital, and more. Call us today for a free estimate on the best car alarm system for your car.

Pro Auto Sound

Looking for a great custom car stereo shop in Miami? With over thirty years of experience in the business and thousands of satisfied clients you know car-alarm-miami.com is a Miami car stereo shop you can count on for expert advice. You spend a lot of time on your vehicle, why not enjoy the ride with a custom car audio system designed to fit your vehicle and your budget!

3M Window Tinting

Looking for reliable auto window tinting service in Miami? Please be aware of want to be car window tinting shop in Miami offering you a lifetime warranty on none name Chinese window film. Some may every claim to be 3M dealers. Why? 3M is the inventor of window film and hands down the best car window film in the world! Stop by and asked for our 3M dealer license!

Miami’s Car Alarm | Auto Sound | Window Tinting Specialist

Are you looking for a reliable, experienced and competitive priced auto alarm or car stereo shop in Miami? Give us a call! With more than thirty years of experience servicing the South Florida area and offer the widest selection of automotive security, aftermarket car stereo, HID and LED lighting accessories in the area.

Although our average customer may own a Honda, Nissan, Toyota or Chevy after so many years in business, we have seen our fair share of Lamborghinis, Porsches, and Ferraris. What are these cars doing in our shop?  Getting their car alarm, car stereo and getting their windows tinted. Yes, although factory car stereo and factory security systems have come a long way they are still miles away from what and aftermarket auto security or car stereo system can offer.

Many people may associate aftermarket or custom car stereo as something boomy and or loud. The same can be said for an aftermarket auto alarms. However, nothing can be further from the truth. Aftermarket car audio systems and auto security systems offer features OEM factory systems just can’t match.